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I Quit for Life contributes 5% of its annual income to Cancer Council Australia to actively support them to minimise the threat of cancer to all Australians.

What to expect after the quit cigarettes session

This is what to expect after the session when you quit smoking. After the session most people feel as if they have never had a cigarette in their lives.

They don't think about cigarettes ever again. They go through life as if cigarettes don't exist.

Now we'd love to suggest that's how you will respond, although we have no way of knowing that.

Others will feel great. They have no cravings, but a week or so may go by and they might be finishing a meal or going to the bar and they have a fleeting thought about a cigarette. As quickly as the thought comes, the thought is gone. And they will go about doing what they were doing.

Some people have to be aware that there are things that could try and trick them into having a cigarette. They might be getting into the car or having a cup of coffee. "I'd really like a ciggy, yes, no, yes, no. No, I'm a fresh air breathing person." As long as they remember to say no to that cigarette, and yes to clean air, they'll be fine. You can stand up and do something else for a few moments. We're sure you can easily handle that.

The remaining people represent a tiny minority. Every once in a while someone will organise a session and they don't actually want to be there. Someone made them or strongly encouraged them to come in to quit, maybe even pushed or threatened them to come in. "You better quit cigarettes or else..." Well, because no one can make you do anything you don't want to do, nothing we do or say will make any difference and they will continue to smoke. They must decide for themselves to quit cigarettes.

Now of course, we know that you are never going to smoke again, and this won't be a problem, right? That's right. Because all you have to do is never smoke a cigarette again.

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